Taste of Salt: A Story of Modern Haiti

Every Life Makes a Story Djo has a story: Once he was one of “Titid’s boys,” a vital member of Father Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s election team, fighting to overthrow military dictatorship in Haiti. Now he is barely alive, the victim of a political firebombing. Jeremie has a story: Convent-educated Jeremie can climb out of the slums of Port-au-Prince. But she is torn between her mother’s hopes and her own wishes for herself … and for Haiti. Father Jean-Bertrand Aristide has a story: A dream of a new Haiti, one in which every person would have a decent life … a house with a roof … clean water to drink … a good plate of rice and beans every day … a field to work in. At Aristide’s request, Djo tells his story to Jeremie — for Titid believes in the power of all of their stories to make change. As Jeremie listens to Djo, and to her own heart, she knows that they will begin a new story, one that is all their own, together.

Related: Caribbean, Haiti, Realistic Fiction, Young Adult (ages 14-18)

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