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Two bunnies fall in love, but are separated by two spiders who laugh at the bunnies and start a romance of their own.

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Monty’s Magnificent Mane

Monty the lion loves his long, golden mane, so he’s not happy when his meerkat friends mess it up. Stomping off to the waterhole, he’s cheered up by the flattery of a new friend, a big green friend. With a SNAP Monty realizes that his flattering pal is actually a giant crocodile looking for dinner.

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Hoppelpopp And The Best Bunny

Bunnies Binny, Benny, Bernie, Bonnie, and Buddy love doing everything together until Hoppelpopp, a great big rabbit, challenges them to a competition that will determine which of them is the best.

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Mr. Happy And Miss Grimm

When Mr. Happy moves next door to Miss Grimm and begins planting gardens and making friendly gestures, Miss Grimm is not pleased but soon, she feels something strange taking over her bleak little house.

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Les Miserables

Travel back to nineteenth-century France with ex-convict Jean Valjean as he tries to put his criminal past behind him and his fate intertwines with the ruthless Inspector Javert, determined to put Valjean back behind bars; the poor factory worker Fantine, whose struggle to provide for her child leads to her death; her orphaned daughter, Cosette, […]

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Across the Tumen: A North Korean Kkotjebi Boy’s Quest

As North Korea undergoes a devastating famine, Yeong-dae loses both his parents and is forced to beg on the streets. Soon, this young boy sets off on a desperate journey to China to find his sister—his last living family member. Captured by the authorities, he is sent back to the North, where he is thrown […]

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Emmanuel’s Dream

Born in Ghana, West Africa, with one deformed leg, he was dismissed by most people—but not by his mother, who taught him to reach for his dreams. As a boy, Emmanuel hopped to school more than two miles each way, learned to play soccer, left home at age thirteen to provide for his family, and, […]

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The Tiny Wish

Springtime has arrived in the mountains. The thawed streams rush, flowers bloom, and Anja is eager to explore it all. When Anja wishes to be tiny to win a game of hide-and-seek, her wish comes true! Just a few inches tall, she must find her way home with the help of some new animal friends.

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Astrid The Fly

A small insect learns that even though she can walk on the ceiling and fly superfast, there are dangers lurking everywhere.

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Everybody Says Shalom

A spirited picture-book tour of Israel takes readers to the Old City of Jerusalem and modern Tel Aviv, the desert and the sea, Roman ruins, the Biblical Zoo, a kibbutz, and much more. Lively, rhyming text and vibrant, colorful illustrations offer young readers a trip through this old-new land of many contrasts, cultures, and customs

Other Descriptors: Early Years (ages 2-6), Israel, Picture Book » Themes: , , , , » Leave a comment
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