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Boy And A Jaguar

Alan loves animals, but the great cat house at the Bronx Zoo makes him sad. Follow the life of the man Time Magazine calls, “the Indiana Jones of wildlife conservation”as he searches for his voice and fulfills a promise to speak for animals, and people, who cannot speak for themselves.

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In The Moonlight Mist: A Korean Tale

A good-hearted woodcutter finds a heavenly wife in this retelling of a Korean folk tale. One day in the forest, a woodcutter rescues an enchanted deer stalked by a hunter. In return for saving its life, the deer offers to make the woodcutter’s secret wish come true.

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The Brave Little Parrot

Because the brave little parrot does the thing that comes from its heart as it takes precious drops of water to the burning forest, things change in ways no one could imagine.

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The Broken Tusk: Stories Of The Hindu God Ganesha

This collection of Hindu folktales for middle readers features stories about the god, Ganesha, who is easily recognized because of his elephant head. Krishnaswami introduces the stories by recalling her own introduction to Ganesha and goes on to offer a mythological context for the tales. Included among the tales are Ganesha’s Head, The Broken Tusk, […]

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A Patchwork Shawl: Chronicles Of South Asian Women In America

Focusing on the lives of immigrants to the USA from all over South Asia, this collection of essays challenges stereotypes by allowing women to speak in their own words. This provides insight into the reconstruction of immigrant patriarchy in the USA and the development of female resistence to this.

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Blu’s Hanging

On the Hawaiian island of Molokai, life goes on for the three young Ogata children after the death of their mother and subsequent emotional withdrawal of their grief and guilt-stricken “Poppy.” The eldest at 13, Ivah is now responsible for the safety and well-being of tiny Maisie, vulnerable and mute since their mother’s passing; and […]

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Black Rainbow

Set in a future New Zealand where only the Citizen who asks no questions can achieve happiness, a renegade hero seeks to rescue his family in the State-sponsored Game of Life.

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Potiki (Talanoa)

This compelling novel will resonate for people everywhere who find their livelihood threatened by “”Dollarmen”” – property speculators advocating golf courses, high rises, shopping malls, and tourist attractions. In ‘Potiki’, one community’s response to attacks on their ancestral values and symbols provides moving affirmation of the relationship between land the the people who live on […]

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The Whale Rider

As her beloved grandfather, chief of the Maori tribe of Whangara, New Zealand, struggles to lead in difficult times and to find a male successor, young Kahu is developing a mysterious relationship with whales, particularly the ancient bull whale.

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When Olamaiileoti Monroe takes her seventy-five-year-old father, Finau, on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, both are caught up in a search for udnerstanding of each other and the ties that bind them. Their story unfolds on an international stage, in Samoa, New Zealand, New York, and Israel–and opposes the modern selfishness of Ola to […]

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