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Being Henry David

Seventeen-year-old “Hank” has found himself at Penn Station in New York City with no memory of anything—who he is, where he came from, why he’s running away. His only possession is a worn copy of Walden by Henry David Thoreau. And so he becomes Henry David—or “Hank”—and takes first to the streets, and then to […]

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What’s Your Story

What’s Your Story is set against the backdrop of the First Settlement of Australia.  It describes the friendship of a little orphan boy from England, Leonard, and the friendship he strikes with a little Aboriginal girl called Milba. See the review at WOW Review, Volume 7, Issue 1

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The Steadfast Tin Soldier

A new version of the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale about a tin soldier who falls in love with a ballerina. As in the original story, the tin soldier’s love for the beautiful ballerina is thwarted by a goblin. The tin soldier is separated from the other toys and washed down a sewer, where […]

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Underworld: Exploring the Secret World Beneath Your Feet

With the intriguing idea of exploring what lies below the surface of the Earth as its broad theme, this fascinating book cleverly dices up the subject into small, more manageable pieces ready to be devoured by young readers, particularly boys. The basics are covered in detail, such as the physical properties of the Earth’s crust […]

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Don’t Say A Word, Mamá

Mamá says she has the best daughters in the world. The two women live near their mother—Rosa with her husband and children, Blanca by herself. They both have flourishing gardens. Rosa and Blanca are so generous and kind and thoughtful—well, everyone, including Mamá, ends up with too much corn, tomatoes, and red hot chiles.

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Pay It Forward Kids

In Pay It Forward Kids, readers will meet ordinary kids from across North America who have done extraordinary things, all on their own initiatives. They have set out to “pay it forward” to someone else, with astonishing results. The ripple effect of their deeds have inspired others to join their causes, and in some cases, […]

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Santiago Stays

Santiago stays. He does not budge when offered a walk. He does not budge when offered a treat. Not even a hamburger can lure this stubborn French bulldog away from his post, much to the disappointment of the little boy trying to engage him. When the boy’s frustration bubbles over into a yell, it wakes […]

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A Good Home For Max

In a little shop in a little town, lives a little mouse named Tabi. Each night Tabi tidies the shop, puts out new merchandise, and plays with his animal friends. But when, day after day, Tabi’s best friend Max the Dog doesn’t find a good home, Tabi realizes he has a bigger job to do.

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Andre The Giant

Andre Roussimoff is known as both the lovable giant in The Princess Bride and a heroic pro-wrestling figure. He was a normal guy who’d been dealt an extraordinary hand in life. At his peak, he weighed 500 pounds and stood nearly seven and a half feet tall. But the huge stature that made his fame […]

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Why We Took The Car

Mike Klingenberg is a troubled fourteen-year-old from a disfunctional family in Berlin who thinks of himself as boring, so when a Russian juvenile delinquent called Tschick begins to pay attention to him and include Mike in his criminal activities, he is excited–until those activities lead to disaster on the autobahn.

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