Nepal/Bhutan Language and Culture Kit Book Synopsis

AlphabetAlphabet Alliteration. Crouch, Adele Marie (2012). San Bernardino, CA: Creation by Crouch Publications. ISBN: 9781482007893
This isn’t your average A B C’s. Those of you who remember, “She sells seashells by the seashore”, will enjoy this book immensely. A twist has been added to the basic “A is for apple” that will make learning the alphabet crazy fun. Alliteration has been used for each letter of the alphabet.

BhutanBhutan (Cultures of the World). Cooper, Robert & Lin, Yong Jui (2001). New York: Marshall Cavendish. ISBN: 9781608704538
This is part of a highly regarded Cultures of the World book series celebrates the diversity of other cultures in this fully updated and expanded edition.

CelebrateCelebrate! in South Asia. Viesti, Joe & Hall, Diane (1996). New York: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books. ISBN: 0688137741
Celebrate in South Asia Describes religious festivals and sacred days celebrated in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Burma, and Nepal.

CaterpillarsThe Dance of the Caterpillars (Bilingual Nepali-English). Crouch, Adele Marie 2010. Lexington, KY: Creation by Crouch Publications. ISBN: 9781482544176
While watching her Chinese immigrant son-in-law learn the English language, it became apparent to the author that prepositions are one of the most difficult concepts to comprehend. Therefore, The Dance of The Caterpillars was written as a fun way to teach prepositions. This exciting children’s book contains twenty-two prepositions, one two-word multiple, and two three-word multiples.

EverestEverest (The Worst Case Scenario Ultimate Adventure). Doyle, Bill & Borgenicht, David (2011). San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books. ISBN: 9780811871235
An interactive adventure like no other! On this epic climb up Mount Everest, readers are part of the youngest team ever to climb the world’s tallest peak. They make the choice about their own survival and then experience the consequences of those choices.

FAithFaith: Five Religions and What They Share. Steckel, Richard & Steckel, Michele (2012). Toronto, ON: Kids Can Press. ISBN: 9781554537501
This kid-friendly exploration of faith provides a superb overview of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism. Young readers will learn about different aspects of each religion, including historical origins and beliefs, holy texts, religious clothing and places of worship. They will also find out about the values, customs and symbols all five religions share, such as the golden rule, charity, prayer and candles.

HimalayaTenzingHimalaya. Tenzing, Norbu Lama (2000). Toronto: Douglas & McIntyre. ISBN: 088899480X
In a remote village, high in the Himalayas, Tsering waits impatiently for the return of the salt caravan that his father led into the central valleys of Nepal. But when the yaks finally appear in a cloud of dust, Tsering can scarcely believe his eyes. Draped across one of the animals is the lifeless body of his father. Tsering’s grandfather, Tinle, blames Karma, his son’s best friend for the death.

HimalayaReynoldsHimalaya (Vanishing Cultures). Reynolds, Jan (2007). New York: Lee & Low Books Inc. ISBN: 9781600601446
High in the Himalaya, Yangshi’s mother is making a rice drink to trade at the market. For Sherpas and Tibetans, trading is a means of sharing their crops and goods with others who live throughout the mountain chain.

SeetheSunI See the Sun in Nepal. King, Dedie (2010). Illustrated by Inglese, Judith. Hardwick, MA: Satya House Publications. ISBN: 9780981872094
I See the Sun in Nepal, one of the I See the Sun series, takes place in a rural village in Nepal. The young girl in the story lives a traditional life with a familiar daily routine: chores, going to school, playing with friends, and spending time with her family. Readers will recognize the similarities as well as the differences between their own daily life and the culture of Nepal.

ThunderDragonIn Search of the Thunder Dragon. Shrestha, Sophie & Shrestha, Romio (2007). San Rafael, CA: Mandala Publishing. ISBN: 1601091001
In Search of the Thunder Dragon brings to life the beauty and traditions of Bhutan in the ancient story of the Thunder Dragons that play hide-and-seek in the clouds during big winter storms. Amber and her cousin Tashi long to see the Thunder Dragons, and they set off on a journey of discovery that takes them from an elaborate monastery to the top of the mountains, a place called the Tiger’s Nest, and on to the back of a tiger with eagle’s wings.

KamiKami and the Yaks. Stryer, Andrea Stenn (2007). Illustrated by Dodson, Brett. Palo Alto, CA: Bay Otter Press. ISBN: 9780977896103
Just before the start of a new trek, a Sherpa family discovers that their yaks are missing. Young Kami, anxious to help his brother and father maintain their livelihood, sets off by himself to find the wandering herd. A spunky deaf child who is unable to speak, Kami attempts to summon the yaks with his shrill whistle. Failing to rout them, he hustles up the steep mountainside to search the yaks’ favorite grazing spots.

NepalKanu of Kathmadu: A Journey in Nepal. Margolies, Barbara, A. (1992). New York: Four Winds Press. ISBN: 0027622827
A full-color photo essay captures the world of eight-year-old Kanu Sengupta, who lives in Kathmandu, Nepal, describing the sights and landmarks, local customs, and beliefs of the Nepali people.

Nepal, Chandra Bahadur Ale’s Painting: “Simple Living” (Young Artists of the World). Touba, Jacquiline & Glasser, Barbara (1997). New York: PowerKids Press. ISBN: 0823951030
Using a painting by a Nepalese boy as illustration, discusses what life is like in the country of Nepal.

RedPandaRed Pandas (Paws and Claws). Miller, Sara Swan (2008). New York: PowerKids Press. ISBN: 9781404241640
Describes the physical characteristics, habitat, diet, and behavior of the red panda of Asia, and discusses the threats they face in the wild from hunters and the destruction of bamboo forests.

SnowLeopardThe Snow Leopard. Radcliffe, Theresa (1994). Illustrated by Butler, John. London: Viking. ISBN: 0670850527
Dramatic full-color paintings by a distinguished wildlife artist accompany an informative study of one snow leopard, Sabu, who struggles to protect her young cub, Ka, from the many dangers that threaten his life.

TigerSnowsTiger of the Snows. Burleigh, Robert (2006). Illustrated by Young, Ed. New York: Atheneum Books for Young Readers. ISBN: 9780689830426
Vividly brings to life the fascinating true story of Nepalese Sherpa Tenzing Norgay who, realizing his own dreams, helped Sir Edmund Hillary reach the summit of Mount Everest–an event that changed history and caused both of these men to become heroes.

TopofWorldThe Top of the World: Climbing Mount Everest. Jenkins, Steve (1999). Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Company. ISBN: 0395942187
In this stunning picture book, Steve Jenkins takes us to Mount Everest – exploring its history, geography, climate, and culture. This unique book takes readers on the ultimate adventure of climbing the great mountain. Travel along and learn what to pack for such a trek and the hardships one may suffer on the way to the top. Avalanches, frostbite, frigid temperatures, wind, and limited oxygen are just a few of the dangers that make scaling this peak one of the most extreme physical challenges one can experience.

HinduismWhat Do We Know About Hinduism. Ganeri, Anita (1995). New York: Peter Bedrick Books. ISBN: 0872263851
What do Hindus believe? Where do they pray and what are the major Hindu festivals? Where and when did Hinduism begin?

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