2012 IBBY-Asahi Reading Promotion Award

Recognizing and Celebrating Reading for Children and Young People around the World

The IBBY-Asahi Reading Promotion Award is presented to projects run by groups or institutions around the world that are making a lasting contribution to reading promotion for children and young people. The award, initiated by the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) and sponsored by the Japanese newspaper company, Asahi Shimbun, is given every two years to two groups or institutions. Nominations for the $10,000 awards can be submitted through the national sections of IBBY. For a description of previous winners, go to: http://www.ibby.org/index.php?id=272.

The 2012 awards were announced on March 19th at the Bologna Children’s Book Festival. After an intensive discussion, the jury made its choices from the seventeen nominated projects and announced that the IBBY Asahi Reading Promotion Awards for 2012 go to:

•Abuelas Cuentacuentos (Storytelling Grandmothers), an Argentine foundation set up by author, Mempo Giardinelli, to provide educational support to his home province of Chaco and later across Argentina. The program is aimed at inspiring a love of reading in the country’s poorest children. Elderly volunteers visit schools, orphanages and hospitals where the children would not otherwise have the opportunity for someone to read them a story. www.abuelascuentacuento.org.ar.

•SIPAR, Cambodia, a collective adventure, devoted entirely to Cambodia that seeks to build bridges between Cambodian cultures. For the last twenty years, this organization has concentrated its activity in the rural areas. SIPAR’s goal is to open doors on the world through the pleasures of reading and to support children and young people on the road towards knowledge, the first step in the battle against illiteracy and poverty. http://www.sipar.org/

The next award will be in 2014 with applications due in spring 2013. If know of a project you would like considered or if you would like to read more about this award, go to your national section of IBBY. For those in the United States, contact members of the USBBY Asahi Reading Promotion Award Committee via the website (http://www.usbby.org/list_asahi.html.) or contact Pamela Jewett (jewett@mailbox.sc.edu), chair of this year’s committee, or download an application.

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