Website Improvements Include Updated Book Lists

By Rebecca Ballenger, The University of Arizona

With help from Longview Foundation, Worlds of Words spent a year improving our website. Much of this work won’t be noticeable to the average visitor, who is likely less concerned that we reduced the size of our website by a third without losing any content than they are accessing the content. This month, we take a look at some of the noticeable changes, including updating our book lists and resources, re-launching our Advance Search function and partnering with UArizona Libraries for digital archiving and preservation of our on-line journals.

The Longview Foundation logo is the institution name where the O is replaced with a globe gridded on the diagonal.

WOW creates strong, responsive content that helps teachers, teacher educators, librarians, students and families. Our Booklists page includes thematic, award, multicultural, and WOW Language and Culture Kit book lists and resources. Updating these lists to ensure quality, recently-published, authentic recommendations is a process that requires multiple children’s literature experts who are also educators versed in the focus of that particular book list. Additionally, where possible, we link each book title internally and externally so that visitors can find additional information.

A few lists to note include Anti-Racist Book Lists and Resources, an Epidemic and Pandemic Book List and our Globalizing K-12 Reading Lists.

Just for fun, today we share with you a bonus book list. The WOW Executive Board held our annual meeting on International Children’s Book Day (April 2). At the end of that meeting, all who were present shared a global book for young people that we recently read. Here’s that considerably less focused and ordered list:

Please rejoin us next week to take a look at our re-launched Advance Search.

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