Reading Globally: Critical Issues in Global Literature for Children and Adolescents

Kathy G. Short presents Reading Globally at the Sixth International Conference On the Development and Assessment of Intercultural Competence

We live in a world where our lives are interconnected in complex ways across global cultures as well as fractured with tensions that divide us. Global children’s and adolescent literature provides a means of facilitating intercultural understanding, but issues of availability, access, authenticy, and classroom use must be addressed for this potential to be realized. In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore current trends in global literature, examine critical issues, and experience strategies for critically engaging with global literature. One strategy we will explore is pairing classic, well-known books often used in elementary and secondary classroooms with global children’s and adolescent literature to expand the curriculum and include global perspectives. These global books are linked to the Common Core Text Exemplars and provide a means of globalizing the standards in K-12 classrooms. The books will be available for interactions and extensive book lists provided.

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Hello, Dear Enemy! comes to University of Arizona College of Education

By Rebecca Ballenger, Coordinator of Outreach and Collections, Worlds of Words

The news is bleak. Even in homes where comfort and security are the rule, the media confronts children and adults with images of war, animosity and displacement. Some are directly affected while others have many questions, and all seek answers. The traveling exhibit, Hello, Dear Enemy!, does not provide answers, but it does provide a path to conversation. Worlds of Words in the University of Arizona College of Education is the first stop for this powerful collection from the International Youth Library in Munich, Germany.

Hello, Dear Enemy!

Hello, Dear Enemy! is a traveling exhibit created by the International Youth Library in Munich, Germany and makes its first stop at Worlds of Words in the University of Arizona College of Education. WOW invites the community to come tour the exhibit, which is free and open to the public. Photo by Jen Ryder.

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