Escape to the Forest: Based on a True Story of the Holocaust

When the Nazis invade Poland, nothing is safe anymore. Ten-year-old Sarah and her family must leave their home and live in a Jewish ghetto surrounded by barbed wire. There, life is a nightmare of cold and hunger where Nazi soldiers kill Jews at will. But Sarah still hears stories that give her hope–stories about a man who lives in the nearby forest, fighting the Nazis and sheltering the Jews. Sarah’s brother thinks they should try to escape to the forest. Her parents think they will be safer where they are. Sarah doesn’t know who is right. But as life in the ghetto grows worse and worse, the forest may be their only hope. Based on a true story of life during the Holocaust, this is a heartrending novel of one family’s struggle to survive.

Related: Europe, Historical Fiction, Intermediate (ages 9-14), Poland

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