I Will Come Back For You

What was it like to grow up Jewish in Italy during World War II? Sit with a little girl as her grandmother tells the story of her childhood in Rome, of being separated from her father, and of going into hiding in the mountains. Based on the experiences of the author’s own family, this deeply moving book set during the Holocaust deals with a difficult subject in a way that is accessible and appropriate for young readers. I Will Come Back for You is an incredible story of bravery and kindness in the face of danger.

One thought on “I Will Come Back For You

  1. Alicia Baiey says:

    When I read this book to my fourth grade class they were so interested in the experience of war. This book lent itself to so much questioning. They wanted to know about the place and causes of the war. They liked the details of the the people and the settings of the pictures. Overall this was a good read aloud.

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