Little Rooster’s Diamond Button

Little Rooster is happy to find a diamond button-it’s a perfect present for his mistress. Then along comes the King, who snatches the button for his treasure chamber! And when Little Rooster demands the button back, the King is so furious he has Little Rooster thrown into a well. One thing the King doesn’t know: Little Rooster has a magic stomach. Water? Fire? Bees? No problem! Children will cheer for the spunky hero of Margaret Read MacDonald’s sparkling retold tale, which she has been sharing with children since 1965. Will Terry’s vibrant and funny paintings complete the delight. The author lives in Washington State; the illustrator lives in California.

One thought on “Little Rooster’s Diamond Button

  1. Emma Witkovsky says:

    When Little Rooster finds a diamond button on the ground, he has high hopes to give it to his mistress. After the king spots the rooster with the button, he steals it from him, and throws it in his treasure chamber. Rooster does not give up, he perserveres and uses his indestructable magical stomach to help get the diamond back.
    When I read this to my kindergarten class, they loved it. They enjoyed predicting what the rooster was going to do with his magic stomach, and were anticipating the roosters retrieval of the diamond button.
    My students laughed hysterically when the rooster brought up the bees and felt triuphant when he brought the gold home to his mistress.
    The illustrations were captivating, funny, and detailed which also kept my students attention throughout the story. An incredible retell of a folktale for any classroom!

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