Give a Goat

After hearing a story about a girl in Uganda whose life is changed for the better by the gift of a goat, a class of fifth-graders pulls together to raise funds to make a similar donation to someone in need.

This book has been included in WOW’s Kids Taking Action Booklist. For our current list, visit our Boolist page under Resources in the green navigation bar.

One thought on “Give a Goat

  1. Barbara Thompson Book says:

    Give a Goat is a great follow-up to “Beatrice’s Goat.” The book demonstrates the power of service learning in action in the classroom. On a rainy day, a teacher reads “Beatrice’s Goat” to her children. The children are taken with the idea that they too can help someone far away in need. The brainstorm ideas for raising funds. After a sucessful fundraising effort involving selling healthy snacks to teachers, they are able to also give a goat. However, their efforts do not go unnoticed and several other classes in the school begin their own fundraising efforts for different organizations.

    A wonderful example of how young people can take action to help their own communities or the larger global community. Features several ideas for easy fundraising in schools.

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