In The Company Of Whispers

Straddling the genres of fiction, memoir, photography and travel,”In the Company of Whispers” looks at the future through the eyes of the past. In the late 1950’s, a young girl moves with her family to Rangoon, Burma. Ninety years later finds her living in the overpopulated Greater East Coast Metropolis, planted firmly in the past inside her small house until her her granddaughter, Zeyya, arrives on her front porch. In 2047, Zeyya has been living like millions of other people in a towering high rise, until her parents are taken by a Quarantine Squad. She retreats to her eccentric ninety-eight-year-old grandmother’s home, the last freestanding house in the Metropolis. But whatever respite she envisions finding there is immediately imperiled by the appearance of the intricately tattooed and possibly delusional Jonah. When Granna invites him into her home, Zeyya is sure that her world will finish unraveling, but despite Zeyya’s resistance, she, Granna, and Jonah become inextricably bound together. Ironically, what binds them is not what is, but what has been. The past intertwines itself into the present as Granna bequeaths her memories of a childhood spent in Burma to Jonah and Zeyya. And in the end, it is both Jonah’s and Granna’s pasts that determine Zeyya’s future.

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