The Chaos

Scotch has never quite fit in.  With her white Jamacian father and black Canadian mother, she doesn’t belong with the Caribbeans, white, or blacks.  Though recently she feels different for stranger reasons–her skin is being covered in spots of black stickiness that won’t go away no matter what she tries.  Not to mention that she sees floating, bodiless horse heads that no one else can.  But soon Scotch has even bigger problems.  She’s out for a night with her brother when a bubble of light appears.  Scotch dares her brother to touch it.  He does, and then he disappears.  A moment later a volcano emerges in Lake Ontario, and all Toronto is invaded by the Chaos.  Scotch is desperate to find her brother, but she doesn’t know where to begin searching in a city gone mad.  Mythical cretures sush as Sasquatches are walking down the streets, and ordinary peope are transforming in truly weird ways.  Scotch herself is getting blacker and blacker.  Can she find her brother before she becomes completely unrecognizable?

Renowned author Nalo Hopkinson mixes fantasy and Caribbean folklore in this rollicking story of identity and self-acceptance in a world given over to Chaos.

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