Celtic Tales

“It’s an absorbing introduction to the lore of Albion, but readers will also enjoy teasing out similarities between these tales and more familiar ones.” — Publishers WeeklyPerilous quests, true love, and animals that talk: The traditional stories of Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, and Wales transport us to the fantastical world of Celtic folklore. • Features 16 stores that were translated and transcribed by folklorists in the late 19th and 20th centuries that focus on themes such as Tricksters, The Sea, Quests, and Romance • These timeless tales brim with wit and magic, and each one is brought to life with elegant silhouette art in this special illustrated edition• Celtic Tales is an extraordinary collection that conjures forgotten realms and rare magical creatures in vivid proseDiscover the impactful and stunning illustrations by Kate Forrester in this special edition that is sure to impress any true fan of cultural and mythological literature.Discover delightfully entertaining tales such as Master and Man, The Soul Cages, The Red-Etin, and The Witch of Lok Island.Celtic Tales makes an impressive gift for any fan of folklore and cultural studies.

  • ISBN: 9781452151755
  • Published: 2016 , Chronicle
  • Descriptors: Database
  • No. of pages: 176

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