Louis the Tiger Who Came From the Sea

What do you do with a tiger named Louis who came from the sea?One morning, Ali and Ollie are awoken by a beastly snore. They look out the window and what do they see? Is it a giant carrot? A pumpkin? No, it’s a tiger, soaking wet and fast asleep. They decide his name must be Louis and he must have come from the sea. Ali and Ollie agree that he’s hungry, so they venture outside with milk and cereal. When Mother and Father join them, Louis wakes up with a mighty roar. Everyone scampers inside — followed by Louis, who pads in through the open door. While the family huddles upstairs, Louis sleeps by the fire and luxuriates in the bathtub. Before long, Ali and Ollie come up with an ingenious plan to help Louis return to the sea.Readers will be captivated by Sholto Walker’s humorous illustrations, which heighten the charm and originality of Michal Kozlowski’s spirited tale.

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