Meet the Artist! Alexander Calder

A sense of playfulness animates all of Calder’s work, from his signature hanging mobiles to his endlessly creative toys, drawings, and jewelry. Alexander Calder: Meet the Artist! is a hands on introduction to this American sculptor.

One thought on “Meet the Artist! Alexander Calder

  1. Prisca & Ray Martens says:

    This book is a wonderful way to introduce readers to Alexander Calder and his work. They can’t help but smile and be drawn to know more about who Calder was. The book is very colorful and presents information in speech bubbles and flaps that lift up to reveal photographs and facts underneath. The cutouts, pop-ups, pull-tabs, etc., make reading the book a three-dimensional experience, just like Calder’s art. I primarily knew Calder for his mobiles. I was less familiar with his other work.
    Calder is known for probably being the first artist to bring the art principle of movement (actual) to sculpture. He did this with his mobile creations, using wires to connect balanced hanging pieces. He also used wire for sculptures and portraits. For me one of the amazing double-page spreads in this book is the one that deals with wire sculptures. The book is very interactive so the publisher had to find a way for readers to create a wire sculpture in a book. The publisher accomplished with the use of a small chain. Using the chain, readers can make a Calder portrait without the use of wire. I applaud the author and publisher for this accomplishment. This book is a wonderful hands-on book for artists of any age.
    I like that spread also and how readers are challenged to be creative with a chain. I like the discussion of found objects and the invitation to readers to create something from things they have around them. The Calder Circus page is stunning! The high wire pops up and readers can use the punch out figures at the back of the book or make their own circus. What was the size of Calder’s Circus?
    You can make a judgment on the size of his circus by watching the following video of Calder performing his circus creation. It looks like the ring might be around 30 inches across. Other parts of the performance may be double that size. Children will love seeing his Circus and it can be a great motivation to create a similar work of art. Play, fantasy and imagination are so important to any young artist, or artists at any age, and Calder helps to promote these concepts. The Circus is a great example of creativity at its best. This book helps to further that creativity.

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