Catholicism (Religions Of The World)

Catholicism is the oldest Christian denomination. The Three main branches of Christianity are Catholicism, the Orthodox Church, and protestantism. They believe Jesus came to Earth to teach people to love God and one another. Catholics believe that God listens to their prayers and that saints can pray for them. They believe in the Holy Trinity and that they must serve God in whatever role he chooses for them.

Hinduism (Religions Of The World)

Hinduism is at least five thousand years old. It is the oldest religion still practiced today. Hinduism began in India and is still India’s main religion. Hidus believe that people are reincarnated after they die. Hindus believe the way they behave in this life will affect the way they live in the next. The aim of Hinduism is to lead such a good lie that they can escape the cycle of reincarnation and go to heave.

Buddhism (Religions Around The World)

Buddhism is the search for enlightenment, or nirvana. This is a state of mind in which a person is freed from everyday demands, confusion, and emotional attachment to things. Buddhists try to achieve enlightenment by developing wisdom, morality, and concentration. Many buddhists do not believe in a god. Buddhists believes that a person;s actions give them good or bad karma.

Wish: Wishing Traditions Around the World

This lively compilation of wishing traditions from around the world is sure to educate and inspire young readers. Each charming tradition provides insight into the cultures of lands far and near while reminding us of the similarities we all share. Includes Japan, China, Thailand, Russia, Iran, Israel, India, Australia, South Africa, Italy, Ireland, Brazil, Guatemala, Mexico, and the USA!

Iran (Global Hotspots)

Introduces Iran, discussing its history, the Islamic government which currently controls the country, and the turbulent relationship the country has with the Western powers over its support of terrorism and its development of nuclear power.