From the lenticular cover that changes with the angle of your hands all the way to the Z, ABC3D is as much a work of art as it is a pop-up book. Each of the 26 three-dimensional letters move and change before your eyes.

Charlie & Lola

Lola is going to Lotta’s house for her first sleepover–but everything is just a bit too different. Lola misses home. How will she ever get to sleep?

I Love My Mommy

I love my mommy very much, She’s great to cuddle, soft to touch. Wonderfully child-like verses about everything that makes mothers special are illustrated with bold and bright pictures in this life-affirming book. Toddler-friendly, funny, and loving, this is an experience to be shared time and time again.

Ten Little Puppies/Diez Perritos

Ten little puppies are lost, one by one, for different reasons, until only one little puppy remains.

Owl Howl

Little owl is lost! Who can help him dry his tears? Take these rough and tumble tiny books wherever you go! Tuff Books are tear-resistant, easy to clean, and completely safety tested and approved for tiny tuff readers! Tuff Books are sweet adaptations of picture book favorites and original stories perfect for toddlers.

Look Around, Baby!

This beautifully photographed series of board books shows us the major stages in a baby’s first year — the first day, sitting, crawling, and walking. Mother, father, and big brother also appear. In Look Around, Baby!, photos show the young baby just beginning to sit up — now he sees the world from a whole new perspective. He holds his rattle, plays peek-a-boo, and even begins to interact with his big brother. He loves to laugh but has frequent crying bouts since his teeth are bothering him. Maybe that’s why he loves to chew on his toes!

Los pollitos dicen/The Baby Chicks Sing

This collection of children’s songs and rhymes celebrates playtime while offering a glimpse into the culture and traditions of Spanish-speaking countries. The selections are by turns playful, joyful, and thoughtful, with exquisite watercolors that make this a book the entire family will treasure.

Listen to the Desert/Oye al Desierto

This bilingual account of animals of the Southwestern desert and the sounds they make feature double-page spreads with text written in both English and Spanish. Ideal for reading aloud. Full-color illustrations.