Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return

In 1984, Marjane flees fundamentalism and the war with Iraq to begin a new life in Vienna. Once there, she faces the trials of adolescence far from her friends and family, and while she soon carves out a place for herself among a group of fellow outsiders, she continues to struggle for a sense of belonging. Finding that she misses her home more than she can stand, Marjane returns to Iran after graduation. Her difficult homecoming forces her to confront the changes both she and her country have undergone in her absence and her shame at what she perceives as her failure in Austria. Marjane allows her past to weigh heavily on her until she finds some like-minded friends, falls in love, and begins studying art at a university. However, the repression and state-sanctioned chauvinism eventually lead her to question whether she can have a future in Iran.


Laika was the abandoned puppy destined to become Earth’s first space traveler. This is her journey. Along with Laika, there is Korolev, once a political prisoner, now a driven engineer at the top of the Soviet space program, and Yelena, the lab technician responsible for Laika’s health and life. Abadzis gives life to a pivotal moment in modern history, casting light on the hidden moments of deep humanity behind history. This graphic novel is a blend of fact and fiction dealing with the first animal to be sent into space. He was on the Russian Sputnik 2 in November 1957. Laika would die on that trip.

Garage Band

When Giuliano’s father loans him the family garage, he and three of his friends form a band. Playing their battered secondhand instruments, the four teenagers find something they love to do, and they find in their friendship and music a refuge from difficult and turbulent home lives.  But when their only amp blows a fuse, a desperate search for some new equipment lands them in more trouble than they ever saw coming. Graphic novels with stunning watercolors by the renowned Italian artist Gipi.

Tiny Tyrant

Portocristo has clear skies, sandy beaches, bustling streets–and a spoiled rotten, six-year-old king. The little despot is grouchy, whiny, outrageous…everything you’d hate to find in a boy on a throne.  But here in Portocristo, anything he says goes, no matter how bizarre or harebrained.  Young King Ethelbert swaps his country’s kids for Ethelbert robots, tests his bodyguard’s mettle by putting a price on his own head, shrinks the world down to his size, and brings a dinosaur back from the past.  A graphic novel, originally published in France.

Infernal Devices

In the distant future, fifteen-year-old Wren steals the fabled Tin Book of Anchorage for the Lost Boys, setting off a sequence of events that leads her parents back into battle with old enemies and new. Book 3 of The hungry city chronicles.