Lost Cities

Combining world culture, history, geography, and architecture, this visually stunning look at ancient cities around the globe takes readers to such places as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde, and the mysterious sculptures of Angkor Wat. Perfect for fans of This Is How We Do It and Atlas Obscura.

Story Worlds A Moment In Time

This book invites readers to explore the mysterious world of time zones. The illustrations on each page depict the same single moment in time, presenting the reader with a vast array of interwoven human stories from around the world. Readers are introduced to a number of different people and activities, from to a nomad leading his camels through the Sahara Desert to a pod of humpback whales traveling through the Pacific Ocean.

Say Hola to Spanish, Otra Vez

Presents a humorous introduction to Spanish words through illustrations and rhyming text.

Na ‘olelo Hawaii/Say It in Hawaiian

Gives Hawaiian and English versions of several words used in Hawaiian culture

My First Book of Spanish Words

Simple text paired with themed photos invite the reader to learn to speak Spanish.

My First Japanese Kanji Book

Written by the mother-daughter team of Eriko and Anna Sato, this book introduces 109 kanji characters to children with poems and illustrations. It includes all the Japanese Government specified first grade level kanji characters and a sprinkling of simple second to sixth grade characters. The kanji are introduced in the context of 36 colorful paintings and poems by 14-year-old Anna Sato, herself a kanji learner. Each of the poems is presented in both Japanese and English, and all kanji are accompanied by furigana (small hiragana letters), stroke-order diagrams, sample vocabulary and boxes for writing practice.

My Little Book of Chinese Words

Presents an introduction to Chinese writing, with each word accompanied by a pronunciation guide to the Chinese word, and its English translation.

My First Phrases in Spanish and English

Simple dialogues, set in school, in town, in the park, at the beach, and at home, present subjects familiar to children and sturdy pull-tabs transform the text from English to Spanish.