South and North, East and West: The Oxfam Book of Children’s Stories

A collection of 25 children’s stories from around the world. Published to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the international charity, Oxfam, the stories have been collected either in their countries of origin or from London schoolchildren. There are animal tales, ghost stories and family stories.

Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

Marcia Williams retells nine favorite Chaucerian tales in her witty, engaging comic-strip style. Step back into the Middle Ages for a boisterous, bawdy storytelling session led by the one and only Chaucer. Marcia Williams uses her signature comic-strip format to animate nine Canterbury classics, including “The Clerk’s Tale,” “The Miller’s Tale,” and “The Wife of Bath’s Tale.”

The Mermaid’s Twin Sister: More Stories from Trinidad

This sequel to “A Wave in Her Pocket” offers six stories based on Trinidad’s folklore, in a framework of contemporary island life.

Stories of Mexico’s Independence Days and Other Bilingual Children’s Fables

This collection of six bilingual children’s stories takes a regional and historical emphases. “Sixteen” provides the background of September 16, Mexico’s day of independence from Spain. “The Little General” teaches children about Cinco de Mayo through a young boy who helps save his village from the French army. The remaining four stories are fables that impart important moral themes to young readers. In “Sweetie, the Lion that Thought He Was a Sheep,” children learn to respect different backgrounds and abilities. “A Parrot for Christmas” demonstrates the friendship children can share with animals and “Orlando, the Circus Bear” emphasizes the importance of compassion toward animals. “A Horse Called ‘Miracle’” teaches the value of helping others in need. Each story is followed with discussion questions to help children recall the story’s key details and suggestions for classroom activities designed to stimulate curiosity and expand knowledge of historical events.

Skin and Other Stories

This collection of short stories serves as an introduction to Roald Dahl‘s more mature work for a slightly older audience.

Skin — Lamb to the slaughter — The sound machine — An African story — Galloping Foxley — The wish — The surgeon — Dip in the pool — The champion of the world — Beware of the dog — My lady love, my dove.

Salsa Stories

Salsa music blares from the stereo. One by one, friends and family, who come from all around Latin America, arrive at Carmen Teresa’s house to cook, dance, gossip, and play dominoes. And the New Year’s Day celebration begins… When a neighbor gives Carmen Teresa a blank notebook as a holiday present, she doesn’t know how she will fill it. The guests all have ideas of what she should do with her book. They decide she should fill it with stories about their childhoods. And everyone has a story to tell. But Carmen Teresa, who loves to cook, surprises everyone with how she will use her beautiful new present. With energy, sensitivity, and warmth, Lulu Delacre introduces readers to a symphony of colorful characters whose stories dance through a year of Latin American holidays and customs. And readers will also be treated to recipes for the irresistible foods that appear in each story. When Lulu Delacre set out to collect family recipes for a cookbook of traditional Latin American foods, she discovered something amazing. “How often the flavors of our childhood,” says Ms. Delacre, “unlock memories from our past.” It was this discovery that inspired her also to collect those memories that her friends and family recalled. And she based Salsa Stories on those recollections.

One Beastly Beast: Two Aliens, Three Inventors, Four Fantastic Tales

A collection of four fantasy tales in which a boy joins a strange navy in pursuit of video pirates, a neglected princess seeks adventure, an orphaned inventor seeks the perfect parents, and a genius girl faces a sea serpent.