500 Anos Del Pueblo Chicano / 500 Years Of Chicano History: In Pictures

500 yearsThis bilingual pictorial history depicts the Mexican American/Chicano people from their origins 500 years ago with Columbus’ “discovery” & the invasions of the New World, to their struggles for social justice today. Over 800 photographs with brief explanatory texts tell the story of how Mexicans came to what is now the U.S. well before the Pilgrims & after the U.S. war of 1846-48, were made strangers in their own land. Elizabeth Martinez, author of books & articles on social movements, presents a vivid record of the life, culture, & collective struggles by farmworkers, miners, students, factory workers, women’s organizations, noted leaders, immigrants, & artists across the country. The faces of weathered workers, militant youth & beautiful children alternate with victims of lynchings & bloody repression to create a work of both pain & celebration. This updated edition should be of special interest, given today’s emphasis on multiculturalism, to teachers & students as well as the general public. The publisher, the SouthWest Organizing Project, is a community-based organization nationally known for its work on racial, social, & economic justice issues. Order from Southwest Community Resources, 211 10th St., SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102, 505-247-8832.

The Last Doll/La última Muñeca

The beautiful, but old-fashioned, Sarita sadly watches as her shelf-mates are purchased by eager shoppers and taken home. She looks out through the dust-covered plastic of her box, and she worries that she will be the last one. Every day she preens and puts her best porcelain face forward, but every evening, she remains on the shelf.

Finally one day, a tall man in a black mustache decides that she is perfect, and that she absolutely must be the last doll for his godchild, Teresa, on her quinceañera. Sarita’s alarm at still being last quickly shifts to pride when she realizes that sometimes people save the best for last.