Kinaalda: A Navajo Girl Grows Up (We Are Still Here: Native Americans Today)

Celinda McKelvey, a Navajo girl, participates in the Kinaalda, the traditional coming-of-age ceremony of her people.

A Summer’s Trade

Tony saves all his summer job money to buy the beautiful saddle at the trading post, but when his grandmother becomes ill after pawning her valuable bracelet to help Tony’s uncle, Tony is faced with a difficult decision.

The Flute Player

An introduction to Native American folklore – illustrated by the author

Songs of Shiprock Fair

A young Navajo girl enjoys every part of the annual Shiprock Fair, including the dances, parade, carnival, exhibits, contests, food, and the chance to visit with relatives.

Ten Little Rabbits

A counting book that depicts American Indians as rabbits, each one reflecting a different tribe and tribal tradition, e.g Pueblo corn dances or Navajo weaving. The book is problematic in the depiction of American Indians as rabbits, objects to be counted, much as in the offensive rhyme of “Ten Little Indians.” The book is not recommended due to the stereotypes portrayed in the book.

Apache Children and Elders Talk Together

In a world of latchkey kids, these books provide an extended family for readers. They provide participation in the community and traditions of some of the most revered and respected peoples in American history. Learn the importance of community and family, the incredible impact of elders as role models, and the value of keeping traditions alive in these magnificently photographed books.

A Rainbow At Night: The World In Words And Pictures

A Rainbow at Night is a lively collection of art by Navajo children. Through these imaginative paintings and drawings, readers will learn about some of the special traditions of Navajo life while discovering the universality shared by children of all backgrounds. The images are accompanied by photographic portraits of the artists and personal descriptions of their work.

Apache Rodeo

Felicita leads a modern life but also participates in traditional tribal customs.

Navajo: Visions and Voices across the Mesa

Collection of twenty poems accompanied by full color paintings of mountains, plateaus, deserts, and wildlife from the American Southwest and of the Native people who live there. Book begins with spiritual elements, moves on to told stories, Begay’s memories, members of the community, and rituals, and ends with hope for an early spring. Throughout there is a sense of striving to balance the old ways and beliefs with the intrusive outer world and to protect the Earth, which is regarded as sacred.

A Boy Named Beckoning: The True Story of Dr. Carlos Montezuma, Native American Hero

This story reveals the life of a Yavapai-Apache boy named Wassaja, who was kidnapped from his tribe and sold as a slave. Adopted and renamed Carlos Montezuma, the young boy traveled throughout the Old West, bearing witness to the poor treatment of American Indians. Carlos eventually became a doctor and leader for his people.