Thumbelina Of Toulaba

This retelling of the H. C. Andersen fairy tale is set on an imaginary island in the Carribean.  A tiny girl is stolen from her loving mother and many siblings, has adventures with a wise caiman, an injured bird of paradise, and other exotic creatures, and learns how to say no while fending off suitors. Includes a glossary of plants and animals.

The Penalty

Paul Faustino, known as the best soccer journalist in the business, reluctantly investigates the disappearance of 18-year-old Ricardo, a soccer prodigy known as “El Brujito,” while in alternate chapters a slave in old San Juan becomes a powerful voodoo priest.

Angelina’s Island

Every day, Angelina dreams of her home in Jamaica and imagines she is there, until her mother finds a wonderful way to convince her that New York is now their home.

SOS: Stories of Survival

The tales of the youngest survivors of disasters–teenage coal miners trapped deep below the surface of the earth in Springhill, Nova Scotia; children who ran to escape the poisonous exploding gases spewing from Mont Pelee on the island of Martinique; youngsters who rode the roofs of their homes in Pennsylvania’s roaring Johnstown flood and other survival stories.

Oye, Celia!

Illustrations and rhythmic text celebrate the life and music of singer Celia Cruz, as a young fan attends a neighborhood dance party and hears loss, happiness, Latin American culture, and more in her voice and lyrics.


A story of a girl, Julia Burgos, born into a humble Puerto Rican family in 1914. With beautiful illustrations, it re-creates the time in which she grew up, and narrates how Julia Burgos became one of Puerto Rico’s and Latin America’s most beloved poets.