Lovey and Dovey

Lovey and Dovey have stolen each other’s hearts. And a pair of blue socks from the shop on the corner. That’s why they’re in prison. But iron bars won’t keep Dovey from sneaking out of their dungeon every night to bring back presents for his Lovey.

Someday When My Cat Can Talk

In a little girl’s fantasy, her cat sneaks away, hops a ship, and sails off to Europe! And someday, when he can talk, he’ll tell her all about the amazing things he discovered there like whether or not British cats drink tea and how he strutted down the runway in a Paris fashion show.

Will You Carry Me?

A toddler who’s too tired to walk but a little too big to be carried-add a parent who’s too tired to carry a toddler but not too tired to be creative, and the end result is a journey enjoyable for both of them.

Hans Brinker

The story of Hans Brinker is a true classic, but few still read the novel, which was written in the 1860s. This is a tale of a family sticking together through hardship, and of wishes granted just in the nick of time. The race to win the silver skates is well-known, but the mystery of the watch and the missing riches is equally enticing.

The Child Cruncher

Being kidnapped is not as thrilling as one plucky girl had hoped. Her big, ugly villain turns out to be an ordinary child cruncher. What a disappointment! Instead of taking her on all sorts of adventures, he only wants to eat her up. Luckily, she knows just what to do.

22 Orphans

In this tale, a mischievous group of orphans attempts to show their new headmistress how to have a good time. They build forts under tables, hang from the orphanage balconies and ride a cart down the stairwell. Each time, the fretful headmistress’s curious refrain is “Elephants are strong and sturdy but children, remember, are not elephants,” as she puts them all to bed under orange-and-white checkered coverlets. The children soon tire of bedrest, and one morning, the woman discovers they have fled, and only an orange-and-white checked elephant remains.

Forging Freedom: A True Story of Heroism during the Holocaust

Jaap Penraat can’t understand the Germans’ hatred of his Jewish neighbors in his hometown of Amsterdam. As the restrictions multiply and the violence escalates, Jaap knows he must take action to help his friends. He begins by using his father’s printing press to forge identification cards and papers for Jewish neighbors and refugees, but as the Nazi grasp tightens, he is forced to take a more drastic path leading twenty Jews on the dangerous first leg of a journey to Paris, the start of the underground pipeline to safety.This initial group of twenty men is only the beginning; the number eventually grows to over four hundred Jews saved from certain death by Jaap Penraat’s heroic efforts, brought to life in this vivid retelling.