Rechenka’s Eggs

An injured goose rescued by Babushka, having broken the painted eggs intended for the Easter Festival in Moscva, lays thirteen marvelously colored eggs to replace them, then leaves behind one final miracle in egg form before returning to her own kind.

A Perfect Pork Stew

When Ivan the Fool meets Baba Yaga, the witch of Russian folklore fame, on a day that has begun badly for her, he outwits her by making dirt soup, getting a fine, fat pig in the bargain.

The Giant Wheel

One day a ferris wheel appears next door to the zoo, and the animals can’t wait to try it out. At night, they slip out of  their cages and one by one, they climb into the gondolas to enjoy the view–but never did they dream they would see so far.

The Devils Who Learned to Be Good

After feeding two starving beggars, an old Russian soldier receives a magical flour sack and deck of playing cards which help him to remove some pesky devils from the Tsar’s palace.

Baba Yaga and Vasilisa the Brave

A retelling of the old Russian fairy tale in which beautiful Vasilisa uses the help of her doll to escape from the clutches of the witch Baba Yaga, who in turn sets in motion the events which lead to the once ill-treated girl’s marrying the tzar.

The King Who Tried to Fry an Egg on His Head

A poor and foolish king marries off his three daughters to the Sun, the Moon, and the Raven and then tries to copy their special talents.