The Originals: Animals That Time Forgot

They’re weird. They’re unusual. They have four horns and shaggy red fur. And they haven’t changed in hundreds, even thousands of years! They’re the originals–animals that, unlike their barnyard relatives, never evolved from their primitive states. Come meet the four-horned Hebridean sheep, brought to Scotland by Viking raiders, the tiny Exmoor ponies that roam the fog-filled moors of England, and the rest of these modern ancients. Jane Yolen’s childlike story poems and Ted Lewin’s light-infused water-color illustrations capture all the mystique of these remarkable animals.

Hope Is an Open Heart

We’ve all had days when hope feels far away, when the world seems cold and dark. Thankfully, comfort can come to us in many ways, as it does in this very special book. Lauren Thompson’s luminous text, paired with breathtaking photographs from around the world, provides an uplifting introduction to the meaning of hope. Speaking to people of all ages, across all cultures, these words and images celebrate loving families, caring friends, small kindnesses, and great inner strength. Through this book, we can see hope reach around the world, and feel its power to change us all.

How Much?: Visiting Markets Around the World

How much for… fried bananas in Bangkok, a mandolin in New Jersey, llama-wool ponchos in Peru, or a camel in Cairo? With Caldecott Honor artist Ted Lewin’s richly colored and detailed landscapes, how much? takes readers deep into the heart of bustling marketplaces all around the world. So come along with us — you never know what treasures you’ll find!

Zooborns!: Zoo Babies from around the World

Pulled from the pages of the wildly popular ZooBorns blog, this picture book presents the most charming critters ever: baby animals, ranging from the adorable to the zany! Featuring full-color photographs on every page and a cozy text perfect for reading aloud, this book is bound to become a must-have for animal lovers of all ages.

My Granny Went to Market: A Round-the-World Counting Rhyme

A child’s grandmother travels around the world, buying things in quantities that illustrate counting from one to ten.