Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood

The great-granddaughter of Iran’s last emperor and the daughter of ardent Marxists describes growing up in Tehran in a country plagued by political upheaval and vast contradictions between public and private life.

The Two Brothers: A Legend of Jerusalem

Two brothers who love each other dearly inherit their father’s land and live on opposite sides of a hill. When King Solomon witnesses the brothers’ simple acts of kindness, a miracle occurs, leading to the creation of the holy temple and ancient city of Jerusalem.

I Is For Iran

From Bazaar to Naan, from Chelo-kabab to Rugs, this book celebrates everything we love best about Iran. In this land of ancient legends, art and poetry, we like our streets shady, our tea black and our bread hot from oven, but most of all we like to be with our relatives and friends.