Ziba Came on a Boat

Ziba came on a boat. Sitting in the crowded hull, with her mother’s arms around her, Ziba remembers all that she has left behind. They hope to find peace and safety in a new land, but where will their journey end.

Middle East

This book made in-depth look at the peoples and laces of this diverse and fascinating region-from the cradle of civilization to the powerful countries that playa central role in today’s global economy and politics.

Grandmother’s Tale

Every week, Nazan and her particular grandmother go to the market very Friday. Nazan loves shopping with Grandmother, because she tells such good stories while they shop. Waiting in the queue, Grandmother remembers her childhood in Turkey and Nazan watches the vegetables come to life.

English and Urdu bilingual book

Alphabet Of Dreams

Fourteen-year-old Mitra, of royal Persian lineage, and her 5-year-old brother, Babak, whose dreams foretell the future, flee for their lives in the company of the magus Melchoir and two other Zoroastrian priests, traveling through Persia as they follow star signs leading to a newly-born king in Bethlehem.

The Legend Of Wondering King

Motivated by jealousy and the desire to receive acclaim as a great poet, Walid ibn Hujr, a prince of ancient Arabia, commits acts, which completely change the course of his life.