Caring For Cheetahs

Author Rosanna Hansen travels to Namibia, Africa, to help cheetahs, one of the worlds endangered species. She helps save a cheetah cub from a life-threatening injury. She pets a thoroughly tame cheetah. She sets up a cheetah race. (Cheetahs love to run.) And she meets many cheetahs that are not so tame. Humans are taking over cheetah habitat, so the world’s fastest runners are running out of space and hanging on in low numbers. People are working to save them one by one through organizations like the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF), which runs the reserve the author visits. Young readers will revel in this up-close perspective on the magnificent cheetah.

Christian The Lion

christian“In 1971 we wrote A Lion Called Christian, the story of a lion from London who returned to Africa. Forty years later, the Internet’s YouTube has introduced a new world audience to Christian.” —Ace Bourke and John RendallThrough many previously unseen photographs, this picture book follows Christian as he grew from a tiny ball of fur into a majestic lion. Here is the incredible story of the remarkable journey to take Christian back to the wild.