The Lion Is No Longer King

The King of Beasts loses his crown. This African folktale begins a long time ago, when the lion declares himself king of beasts. The entire animal population of the savanna pays daily respects to a roaring tyrant who works them ragged and allows them no rest.His Majesty’s fearless bodyguard, the mongoose, protects the king from snakes, until one day the mongoose decides instead to play in the babbling stream. Outraged, the king sends two birds, a buffalo and a turtle to fetch him for the purpose of sever punishment. The mongoose explains that all of the animals would be happier if they could play and swim as they wish. The king grows weak from nightmares and finally scurries across the savanna to see the mongoose. The lion arrives just in time to witness the coronation of the new king, the mongoose, who plans to share the pleasures of the savanna with all of the celebrating animals.

Kingdom: Savage Safari

Africa is home to some of the animal kingdom’s most ferocious hunters and savages. Whether screeching through the rainforests, prowling the wide savannas, or lurking along rivers, these brutes make shrot shrift out of all who dare cross their paths. To dominate their realms and evade attackers, some beasts use massive strength and vicious claws while others rely on impressive speed and cunning tricks. What equipment and skills would you need to survive? Jump in and find out!

Lion’s Lunch?

Sarah is strolling through the jungle, singing a happy song, when Lion pounces. How dare she trespass on his turf? He is King of the Jungle–where nobody strolls and sings: They lumber and grunt, sprint and squeak, slither and harrumph! Lion makes an executive decision to eat the little girl for lunch. But Sarah thinks fast: True, she can’t wallow like the hippo or wriggle like the snake, but she can draw. She paints a portrait of Lion. “I don’t look that grumpy!” he protests. “Yes, you do!” all the animals chorus. Soon Sarah is the jungle’s artist-in-residence! In the tradition of Aesop’s classic fable about the lion and the mouse, LION’S LUNCH? is the tale of a little girl who thinks fast on her feet to get herself off the menu! With a gentle message about the difference between being a good boss–and just being bossy. Plus fabulous depictions of an entire menagerie–parrots, crocodiles, porcupines, antelopes, zebras, monkeys, leopards, frogs–by Margaret Chamberlain, illustrator of PINK!