My Dog Mouse

We set off, very slowly. Mouse walks at a snail’s pace. He stops at lamp posts and fences and sniffs for a long time. Sometimes he looks up at me and then I usually say something. I maybe say “”old man”” in a very nice voice, not my usual one.This is a book for anyone who knows what it is to love an old, slow dog, with ears as thin as pancakes.

Abuelo Vivia Solo

A young woman recalls her grandfather’s abiding presence in her life as he cares for her throughout her infancy and childhood while her mother is at school or work, until she is the one fixing his snacks and seeing him safely to bed.

A Birthday Basket for Tia

With the help of her cat, Chica, Cecilia prepares a special gift in honor of her great-aunt’s ninetieth birthday, a celebration basket filled with things to remind Tia of the wonderful moments that she and Cecilia have shared.