After fleeing her home, suburban-bred Dana struggles to survive in the alleys, squats and subway stations of downtown Toronto. Dana’s graffiti on an underpass catches the eye of a counselor at Sketches, a drop-in center where homeless teens can express themselves through art. As Dana works on a painting, she begins to confront the reason she left home. The truth of what her stepfather did to her is trying to break free, but will it come out through her paintbrush or the blade of a knife?

Riddle of the Nile

The second book in the new Made In series of riddle books, Riddle of the Nile features Baby Crocodile. His dream is to become king of the Nile, but first he must solve a baffling riddle. His search for the answer takes young readers through ancient myths and modern mosques to the Great Sphinx, the New Library of Alexandria, and other amazing sights. Based on the author’s visits to Egypt, this crocodile’s-eye view of this ancient land is illustrated with collages inspired by Egyptian art. Adding to the fun are brief notes, a map of the Nile, and a Pyramid Fortune Game to make and play.

Fireflies In The Dark

The story of Friedl Dicker-Brandies and the children of Terezin covers the years during which Friedl Dicker, a Jewish woman from Czechoslavakia, taught art to children at the Terezin Concentration Camp. includes art created by teacher and students, excerpts from diaries, and interviews with camp survivors.