The Goldsmith’s Daughter

A bearer of doom, or a bringer of change? As the Aztec empire falls, one girl defies her destiny.In the golden city of Tenochtitlán, the people live in awe of Emperor Montezuma and in fear of blood-hungry gods. Under an ill-fated sky, a girl is born, facing a life of submission and domestic drudgery. But Itacate has a secret passion for goldwork, forbidden to women, and is forced to disguise her identity to protect herself and her family. When her city is shaken by Cortez’s invasion, Itacate challenges fate, culture, and faith by crafting golden statues — and pursuing the love of a man who should be her enemy. From the author of I AM APACHE comes a tale of clashing cultures, a rich and powerful depiction of Aztec life during the Spanish conquest of Mexico.

Azteca: The Story Of A Jaguar Warrior

In 15th-century Mexico, Tlilcatl, the Jaguar Warrior, battles the Spanish conquistadores for his family, culture, and empire in this graphic novel for children and adults. In both Spanish and English. Ages 8 and up.

Solving the Mysteries of Aztec Cities (Digging into History)

Presents the history of the Aztec empire by examining artifacts from archaeological excavations of historical sites, and discusses cultural aspects including religious beliefs and military customs.