Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam

Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam are two hapless robber dogs who decide the perfect way to rob their neighbors would be to invite them over for a lovely tea party.

Hooray For Bread

Early in the morning the baker bakes a delicious loaf of bread. So delicious, in fact, that by the time the sun goes down it has been gobbled up! Who eats it all? Well, the baker munches on its crunchy crust. The baker’s wife eats some toast for breakfast, and the baker’s son gets a cheese and ham sandwich for lunch. And let’s not forget the dog! As the loaf gets smaller, slice by slice and crumb by crumb, everyone eats their fill: ducks, fishes, birds, and even a teeny tiny mouse who nibbles up the very last scrap.

Wee Granny’s Magic Bag

Emily and Harry love going on trips with Wee Granny. Surprising things always happen when she brings her tartan bag. One Christmas when they were carol singing Harry’s torch stopped working, so Granny reached into her bag and pulled out a lamppost to help them see! Last summer they were on the beach and Wee Granny rummaged around in her tartan bag and pulled out a deckchair each for them to sit on! Today they are going to the park, and when Mum calls to ask Granny if she’ll bake some cakes for the school fair, an incredible afternoon begins. A very funny picture book about two children and their amazing granny. With huge surprises on every page, you’ll never guess what will appear next from Wee Granny’s magic bag.

This Little Bunny Can Bake

In this picture book, there are eight students in Chef George’s School of Dessertology. And only one—a studious little bunny—has any interest in following the rules. While bunny is busy baking a masterpiece, everyone else is busy making a mess. And even though only bunny actually learns to bake, all the students—from Dog with his shoe-fly pie to Mouse with her Swiss cheese surprise—are happy with how their desserts turn out in the end.

Cinnamon Baby

Miriam the baker is beloved in her village. Every day she bicycles to work and saves her favorite cinnamon bread for last, singing as she kneads spices into the dough. The scents and songs attract fellow bicyclist Sebastian, and he falls head over handlebars for Miriam. After marrying, their domestic bliss is disrupted when their beautiful new baby begins to cry continuously. What finally placates the fussy infant? The sounds and smells of Miriam making a batch of cinnamon bread. Many children will welcome the beside-the-point depiction of a multicultural family: Miriam is paper white, Sebastian is cocoa brown, and their cinnamon-colored child gives the title a sly double meaning. A charming offering infused with warmth, romantic whimsy, and love

How Mama Brought the Spring

One wintry morning, Mama tells Rosy a wondrous story about her own mama, Grandma Beatrice, who could bring spring to cold, cold Minsk by making magic in the kitchen. Together, mother and daughter mix batter and sing a song. Then the batter goes into the pan—pour, swirl, swizzle, FLIP! Soon Papa comes in from the cold and the family shares a special treat.

In this tale, Holly Berry’s stunning illustrations evoke charming folk traditions and the warm magic made in Mama’s kitchen.

The Flying Bed

An original fairy tale about a poor baker who finds a beautiful bed for his wife in a strange new shop–for free! Perhaps his bad luck has turned? But there are more wonders in store, for the bed has magical powers. That night, the couple flies across the heavens to meet a master baker who gives them some magic yeast that will make them the best–and richest–bakery in town! But the yeast comes with a promise that will test the baker’s integrity, and will eventually teach the baker and his wife about the true riches of love and loyalty.