More Than You Can Chew

Marty Black has retreated from a difficult family situation into the area she can best control, her own appetites. She may not be able to control her parents’ behavior, but she can decide what she will and will not eat. Eventually, she stops eating altogether. Marty is close to death when she finally asks for help and finds herself in a psychiatric institution. But recognizing her need for help is only the first tenuous step on a long road to recovery. Marty’s ability to find a way to live, despite the powerful lure of anorexia, is the core of this novel.

When I Grow Up, I Will Win the Nobel Peace Prize

The boy in this book is having trouble admitting – much less closing – the large gap between his aspirations and his everyday actions. This boy knows that when he’s older he will love his neighbor, but for now he’s all too happy to pick on his sister. This boy even knows that one day he will be given the Nobel Peace Prize: for standing up to bullies, helping the poor, protecting animals and the environment – for all his good deeds. But with his bold claims continually contrasted by pictures that tell a very different story, even this boy eventually has to admit it’s time to stop boasting and take the first step.

Featured in Volume I, Issue 1 of WOW Review.

Tunjur! Tunjur! Tunjur!: A Palestinian Folktale

There was once a woman who had a little pot for a child. The little pot made lots of noise as she rolled everywhere. Unfortunately she wasn’t old enough to know the difference between right and wrong. That naughty pot ran off with things that did not belong to her until she learned her lesson.

Ping Pong Pig

“Ping Pong Pig” loves to leap, jump, and bounce all over Apple Tree Farm. He is far too busy having fun all day to help with the chores. Soon he lands into a big mess, and he’s up to his ears in trouble. Will he learn to help his friends before pigs fly?

Little Wolf’s Book of Badness

Little Wolf has been brushing his teeth without being growled at, he’s been going to bed early, and he’s been far too nice to his baby brother, Smellybreff! His parents are so worried that they will never make a beast out of him that they send him off to Cunning College, where his Uncle Bigbad instructs timid cubs in the rules of badness. With each letter home to his parents, Little Wolf reveals a new adventure or lesson that he’s learned on his way to Cunning College. Once there, Little Wolf is in for a few surprises!

Anthony and the Girls

Wanting the two girls in the sandbox to take notice of him, young Anthony breaks out all of his best tricks to get them to look his way but to no avail.