In The Days Of Sand And Stars

Take out your time telescope, wipe the dust and cobwebs from its lens, tilt it upwards, and find a twinkling speck of light. Now look behind it … way back, to the days of sand and stars. Here are the Midrash stories of famous women whose names you may know, but whose daily lives and human thoughts have been ignored for far too long. From Eve to Emzera, from Sarah to Rebecca, they are presented here with humor and affection as they face a new and changing world where miracles and customs shape their destiny. Midrash tales are what-if stories built around the grains of information the Bible offers, and author Marlee Pinsker excels as she imbues these legendary women with warmth and spirit.

After The Flood

This sequel to The Ark traces the establishment and development of communities on earth and offers an original theory for events that followed the Great Flood. Geisert’s beautiful, full-color etchings alternate between panoramic views and detailed glimpses of everything from the ark to Mount Ararat. “With a stroke of originality, Geisert continues the oft-told tale of the Great Flood by imagining life for Noah and his retinue as the waters begin to recede . . . An understated, quietly powerful book.” — Publishers Weekly

Noah and the Devil: A Legend of Noah’s Ark from Romania

In this Romanian folk version of the Noah story, getting the animals to march, two by two, onto the ark is the easy part–it was persuading his wife to come aboard that gave Noah a headache. And when he snapped, “Oh, you devil, come in!,” that gave the Devil himself just the invitation he needed. Once aboard, in the shape of a mouse, the Devil gnawed a hole in the ark, to sink it beneath the flood.