Let The Whole Earth Sing Praise

This joyous book sings thanks and praise for everything in land, sea, and skyÑfrom the sun and moon to plants and animals to all people, young and old. Beloved author-illustrator Tomie dePaola captures the beauty of God’s creation in his folk artÐstyle illustrations. With text inspired by Old Testament Scripture and artwork fashioned after the beautiful embroideries and designs of the Otomi people from the mountain villages around San Pablito, in Puebla, Mexico, this is a wonderful celebration for all to share.

Kings And Queens Of The Bible

Kings and queens can be kind or cruel, greedy or generous, wise or foolish. Some of the best stories in the Bible are about ancient rulers who became famous for their deeds. From King Solomon’s wisdom to Queen Esther’s bravery,Mary Hoffman retells seven biblical stories, brought to life by Christina Balit’s vibrant art.  

Tara’s Flight

Tara is a dove. Before the flood, she brought messages back and forth between Noah and his family. Now she is confined to the small loft that Noah s grandson has built under the roof of the ark. For forty days and nights, Tara sits patiently in her loft, while outside thunder booms and rain pours down. One day Noah s grandson comes with a basket to take Tara to the deck of the arc. It s time for her to be a messenger bird again. If Tara returns to the arc, it will mean that Noah s house is still under water. If Tara doesn t return, it means she is waiting at home for the return of Noah and his family. Ruth Eitzen s gentle retelling of Noah, with endearing illustrations by Allan Eitzen, is perfect for young children.