When the World Was Waiting for You

When the world was waiting for you, the air was bright,the sun seemed new. From readying the baby’s crib to the very first visit from friends and family, When the World Was Waiting for You is a lyrical celebration of all the events surrounding a birth.


Did My Mother Do That?

What was I like when I was born? The perennial question receives a fanciful response in a tale that takes an interspecies tour of mothers and babies. Holly loves to hear the story of the night when she was born—but first she needs to ask a lot of questions. Did her mother hatch her out of an egg? Did she carry Holly in her pocket? Maybe she fed her baby mice for dinner? As Holly and her dad rule out one imaginary scenario after another, little listeners will be eager to join in, while learning some interesting details along the way. And they’ll be just as comforted as Holly to hear one final, satisfying tale of a happy and loving human mother on the day her baby was born.

What’s Coming for Christmas?

You can see it in the way the snowman’s eyes sparkle. Hear it in the voices of carolers echoing in the streets, and in the sounds of children trimming the tree. You can feel it in the warm fire dancing in the hearth. Meanwhile, the mother hen hushes her chicks, the pigs’ little tails curl in excitement, and the sheep nod knowingly as all wait in eager anticipation for a joyous Christmas surprise.

My Dog, My Cat, My Mama, and Me!

Lift the flaps to find out why a dog and a cat and finally a mom might go off with expanded tummies — and return with a big surprise.What could it mean when your dog or your cat gets fatter and fatter, then hides in a cupboard or box and comes out thin? With the flip of a flap, little ones will be happy to help the young narrator as she discovers a litter of puppies and a batch of kittens — and finally knows what to expect when her own mom’s widening girth precedes a hospital visit. Bob Graham’s whimsical illustrations and a simple, repetitive text capture the curious anticipation that all new babies bring.

Chicken Feathers

A talking chicken! Josh knows it sounds ridiculous, but that’s just what Semolina is. And she’s not just a talking chicken. She’s a spirited, sarcastic, sassytalking chicken. And with Josh’s mom in the hospital about to give birth to his sister, Josh needs Semolina more than ever, even if she will only talk in front of him. But when Semolina tells him that a fox is sneaking into the hen house at night, can Josh get his dad to believe in Semolina before it’s too late? Chicken Feathers introduces one of children’s literature’s most original, endearing new characters to peck her way onto the page.