Goodnight, You

In this heartwarming title from the Piggy and Bunny picture book series, the two friends explore what scares them as they prepare for their first campout together. When Bunny admits to being frightened of monsters, Piggy responds that “even if there WAS a monster, I wouldn’t scream like you!” When Bunny asks, “What if the monster GROWLS at you?” Piggy answers, “PWAAT! I can be loud, too!” Then, one by one, all of Bunny’s questions about what to do if a monster came near are countered confidently by Piggy.

Red Knit Cap Girl To the Rescue

Red Knit Cap Girl and White Bunny, with help from Mr. Owl and the Moon, take to the high seas as they set off on a journey to help the lost Polar Bear Cub find his way back to his family and his arctic home.

Small Bunny’s Blue Blanket

Small Bunny does everything with Blue Blanket.  Blue Blanket helps him paint the best picures, go the highest on the swings, and read the hardest words.  They need each other.  But one day, Small Bunny’s mother insists Blue Blanket must be washed.  She says Blue Blanket will be as good as new after.  But Small bunny isn’t sure he like “new”.  Will his friends ever be the same?

Spike Chiseltooth

When Karl buys an orphaned bunny at the pet shop, he is met with a less than friendly reception at home.  The little boy decided to give Spike to grumpy Mr. Gribble, who lives upstairs.  Karl notices a change in his neighbour as Spike slowly nibbles her way through Mr. Gribble’s apartment and into his heart.

Hocus Pocus

This zany tale pits a grouchy pooch against Hocus Pocus, a mischievous blue bunny who lives in a magician’s hat. When Hocus Pocus spots a bunch of tantalizing carrots poking out of a shopping bag, he decides he must have them. But to reach the kitchen counter, he must risk waking Dog, a pet canine who snoozes nearby. Tiptoeing in a pair of bunny slippers works beautifully at first — until a peanut shell gets crunched loudly underfoot. Soon, Dog is wide awake, and the two begin a hilarious battle, trading victories and defeats and ultimately attracting the attention of the none-too-pleased magician.A classic retro feel gives the illustrations and story a fun punch.

Mad at Mommy

Little Bunny is VERY MAD at his mommy. She sleeps too late. She talks too much. She watches her silly shows instead of cartoons. And she gets mad for no reason — just a few little bubbles on the floor. The only thing left to do is run away. But does he really want to leave Mommy behind forever? With the charming illustrations and spot-on understanding of young children’s thinking that distinguished THE SNOW DAY and EMILY’S BALLOON, Komako Sakai brings us a REALLY ANGRY — and ultimately sweet — new story.