Canadian Children’s Annual

canadianPartial contents: — Princess Felicia and the dragon, by Wendy Rutherford. — The pink cube, by Monica Hughes. — Harry and the devil, by Angelo Furlan. — Pineyporc, by Lynn Davies. — Dragons at mooncastle, by Joanne Findon. — The day Ricky remembered the deer, by Sheryl McFarlane. — Those pictures, by Martyn Godfrey. — Flamingo the magic falcon, by Catherine Buckaway. — The mystical island, by J. M. Rattray. — Those big stinky cows, by Anita Krumins. — Cat Mundy’s magic, by Welwyn Wilton Katz. — How Elsa became an artist, by Mary Alice Thompson. — Ski lodge mystery, by Joan Weir. — Magic Mom, by Gillian Richardson. — Mother’s day card, by Shirlee Smith Matheson. — The horned helmet, by Joyce Barkhouse. — Diamond Ed, by Marjorie Holland.

Life Of Jesus For Children (The Light Of The World)

“When the people looked at all the sadness and evil in the world, they had trouble believing that God was in charge. ‘God’s kingdom,’ said Jesus, ‘is as tiny as the smallest of seeds, but when it is planted it grows into such a huge tree that the birds make their nests in its branches.'” Newbery Medalist & minister’s wife Katherine Paterson retells the life of Jesus in simple, beautiful language for all ages, making the story new again through her trademark generosity and compassion. Iconic images from Jesus’s life light the text with the same warmth and directness. A perfect gift book!

Give Me Shelter

The phrase “asylum seeker” is one heard in the media all the time. It stimulates fierce and controversial debate, in arguments about migration, race, and religion. The movement of people from poor or struggling countries to those where there may be opportunities for a better life is a constant in human history, but it is something with particular relevance in this time of wide-scale political and social upheaval. Featuring stories from youth based in trouble spots around the world — including Kosovo, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Eritrea, Zaire, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Zimbabwe, and Kurdistan — this collection of stories spotlights people who have been forced to leave their homes or families to seek help and shelter elsewhere. This book has no political axe to grind, simply recording the truth of these children’s stories without assigning blame. Some are about young people traveling to other countries; others are concerned with young ones left behind when parents are forced to flee. These are stories about physical and emotional suffering but also about humanity — of both those who endure unimaginable hardship and those who help them.

Tales of Hans Christian Andersen

Candlewick Illustrated Classics are collectible editions that bring treasured stories to life with lavish full-color illustrations and elegant French flaps.This superb collection of thirteen Andersen tales includes “The Princess and the Pea,” “Thumbelina,” “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” “The Little Mermaid,” “The Ugly Duckling,” and “The Snow Queen.” Naomi Lewis’s translations brilliantly capture Andersen’s irresistible humor and conversational tone, and a whole host of memorable characters are brought to life in Joel Stewart’s fresh and whimsical illustrations.

Dear Peter Rabbit – Spanish (Libros Colibri)

Is it possible that the world’s most popular storybook characters know each other? Alma Flor Ada charms readers with this story told through a collection of letters that reveal the friendship between favorite storybook characters. Bright illustrations capture the humor of the interwoven stories, where all the characters meet at a birthday party for Goldilocks. Full color.