Wink! The Ninja Who Wanted to Be Noticed

The happiest day of Wink’s life was when he was accepted to the Summer Moon School for Young Ninjas. He is sure that he will be a great ninja. Silence is the first lesson and everyone is very very silent except for Wink. Stealth is the second lesson and everyone is very very stealthy except for Wink. Finally, Wink decides that he will be silent and stealthy, but he realizes that no one can realize that he is a great ninja. Eventually, he finds that his acrobatic skills are a perfect match to be a circus performer.

The Fall of the Amazing Zalindas (Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars)

This series provides a unique new twist on Sherlock Holmes by having him assisted by a band of devoted boys, street urchins who love to solve mysteries, called the Baker Street Irregulars. These boys go everywhere, see everything, overhear everyone undetected.  In this exciting tale, Wiggins, Ozzie, Simon, and the rest–with the aid of Pilar, a gypsy girl–help Sherlock Holmes solve the case of the deaths of the Amazing Walendas,  a family of circus tightrope walkers.

Maddigan’s Fantasia

When twelve-year-old Garland Maddigan asks Timon and Eden where they have come from, she is overwhelmed by their answer: the future.In a post-apocalyptic time, Garland’s family’s traveling circus troop, Maddigan’s Fantasia, leaves the city of Solis once a year to perform and earn a living. However, this year Solis has given the Fantasia the crucial task of obtaining a new solar converter, the only power source in Solis, because the old one is failing. Misfortune finds the Fantasia in their travels, and Garland’s father dies in an attack by Road Rats. Then suddenly two mysterious boys, Timon and Eden, appear with their baby sister, claiming to be from the future — a world in which the Fantasia has failed in its mission and the evil Nennog has taken power. The boys have come to help the Fantasia, but danger has followed them across time. Can the Fantasia protect Timon and Eden, and succeed in their quest to save their world? Internationally renowned author Margaret Mahy spins a vivid tale of time travel, adventure, and magic that no reader will soon forget.

Dimity Dumpty: The Story Of Humpty’s Little Sister

What happened to Humpty Dumpty is the stuff of legend. But how many know of his brave little sister? While the Tumbling Dumpties, the family traveling circus troupe, is doing acts of spectacular daring, Dimity stays far from the spotlight, playing tunes on her tiny flute. But when Humpty falls off the wall where he’s writing graffiti, it’s Dimity who finds her voice and brings help that even the king’s soldiers can’t provide.