Mr. Frank

On his last day before retirement, Mr. Frank is sewing the most wonderful outfit of his long career. In all his years working as a tailor, Mr. Frank has made all kinds of clothes. From the practical uniforms of the 1940s to the wild and weird designs of the 1960s and 1970s, he has seen (and sewn) just about everything. But today’s project is especially close to Mr. Frank’s heart.

Where Is My Sock?

Getting dressed can be an adventure. After taking a bath, a boy must put on his clothes—but where are they? Author-illustrator Marijke ten Cate turns this universal theme into a lively hide-and-seek picture book.

Lulu’s Pajamas

Young Lulu has the best Mama and Papa in the world and the best pet ladybug, Lili-Poo. After her Mama tells her a story and her Papa sings a goodnight song, Lulu drifts gently off to sleep in her favorite soft-as-a-butterfly-kiss pajamas. In the morning she decides “never ever” to take them off again! What will she do when her friends laugh and her beloved pajamas show the scars of a busy day at school? Suddenly Lulu can hardly recognize her pajamas, and they sure don’t smell like a pink dream anymore. Lulu’s spirited, independent handling of a childhood rite of passage – choosing one’s own clothes – will resonate with both children and parents. Irresistible illustrations and Lulu’s note-perfect child’s voice will make Lulu’s Pajamas a bedtime favorite sure to become as well-worn as an old pair of pajamas.

The Emperor Penguin’s New Clothes

A whimsical retelling of the original Hans Christian Andersen classic features an entire court of pop-eyed penguins who are fooled by a deceitful weaver and unwilling to admit to their posturing leader that he has nothing on.

New Clothes for New Year’s Day

The New Year is the start of everything new. A young Korean girl prepares for celebrating the Lunar New Year’s Day, and the book shows a step-by-step description of her dressing in her outfit.

Featured in WOW Review Volume XI, Issue 3