For Audrey With Love: Audrey Hepburn And Givenchy

When two young rising stars—Hubert de Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn—cross paths for the first time—it’s magic . . . literally, the perfect fit! All the famous ladies want a Givenchy dress—actresses, opera singers, princesses and the wife of a president. When Audrey Hepburn has to figure what to wear for her next movie, she approaches Givenchy, but he’s too busy to design something just for her. When he encourages her to try on clothing from within his collection, they’re both stunned by what they discover.

My Mother’s Sari

Children in India playfully use their mothers’ beautiful saris as a train, a stage backdrop, a river, a rope, a hiding place, a blanket, or a handkerchief-ultimately, the sari expresses the love of mother and child. Dramatic photographs and acrylics on lightly stylized paper illustrate the simple text. Endpapers demonstrate how to wrap the long sari.

What We Wear

Vibrant photographs from around the world showcase the many different types of clothing that kids wear to play, study, pretend and celebrate. From school uniforms to costumes, traditional ethnic clothing to sports team jerseys-no matter what kids wear, clothes are an important part of who they are.

Shoes from Grandpa

Jessie, an active girl of nine or so, is growing out of her clothes, and all of the members of her large and loving family get carried away in their eagerness to provide her with a new wardrobe. As each of Jessie’s relatives gets into the act, the rhythmic cumulative tale builds momentum. Finally she tactfully speaks her mind: ‘You’re all so kind that I hate to be mean, but please, would one of you buy me some jeans?’ Youngsters will enjoy seeing Jessie’s free spirit gently triumph.