Kids Cooking: Students Prepare and Eat Foods from Around the World

Roll up your sleeves, wash your hands, and join four different groups of kids as they prepare recipes from all over the world, step by step. George Ancona’s photographs record every crumb of effort as the children make their way around the kitchen, chopping, measuring, rolling, mixing, and learning about the food they’re eager to eat. The end result? Roasted vegetables from Morocco, fried rice from China, minestrone from Italy, and salsa from Mexico, filling the kids’ bowls and plates and tantalizing readers who may be inspired to cook up something savory of their own.

Let’s Eat: What Children Eat Around The World

Explores what five children living in South Africa, Mexico, Thailand, France, and India eat at mealtime with their families, how their families obtain and prepare food, what kinds of food may be eaten at celebrations, and what their favorite food is. Includes recipes.

El Nino Cocinero Latinoamericano/The Latin American Cookbook For Children (Coedicion Latinoamericana) (Spanish Edition)

Provides fourteen simple recipes for dishes from different Latin American countries, including main dishes, snacks, and desserts

Cuentos Con Sazon (Spanish Edition)

It¹s New Year’s Day and Carmen Teresa’s Maryland home is filled with relatives, friends, and neighbors from all over Latin America. Everyone is eating, dancing, and telling stories. When Dona Josepha gives Carmen a blank notebook, each guest tells her a story to write down but Carmen has an idea of her own!