Sosu’s Call

Sosu lives in a small village on a narrow strip of land between the sea and the lagoon. He tries his best to fit in, to be just another boy, but many in the village feel a boy with legs that don’t work is bad luck. His father is told to keep Sosu at home. When a terrible storm threatens the village while everyone is away, Sosu figures out a way to alert help.

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One Night: A Story from the Desert

Muhamad, a young Tuareg boy, sets out to prove himself by caring for his father’s goats alone overnight in the desert and finds his night enlived by a pregnant goat about to give birth, in a poetic look at the lives of the Tuareg people of the Sahara.

The Wildest Brother

Wanting to keep his sister safe from all the elements that could do her harm, like monsters and beasts, young Ben fearlessly takes on all the challenges of the day to complete his task and live up to his courageous reputation.