Flibbertigibbety Words: Young Shakespeare Chases Inspiration

With Quotes And Sly References To The Famous Works Of William Shakespeare And The Words He Invented, This Adventurous Ode To Language Will Delight Readers Young And Old. It All Starts One Morning When Words Fly Into William’s Window. He Wants To Catch Them, But They Are Flibbertigibbety And Quick And Slip Right Through His Fingers. Soon Whole Lines Of Verse Are Leading Him On A Wild Goose Chase As They Tumble, Dip, Flip And Skip All Through Town, Past A Host Of Colorful Characters The Observant Reader May Find As Familiar As The Quotes. William Remains Persistent, And With Time And The Proper Tools He Finds A Way To Keep The Words With Him.

Bravo, Max!

After seeing a Christmas show, Max decides he’d like to write a play, so he asks D.J. Lucas to help him. At the same time, he has to cope with a bossy, talkative babysitter and a new man in his mother’s life. Little by little Max comes to terms with sharing his mother, and his play reveals some of the turmoil in his life.

My Special Day at Third Street School

A school visit from children’s book author Amanda Drake brings a day full of fun. A boy tells how his class prepares for author Amanda Drake’s arrival: reading her books, decorating the room, making lemonade, baking a cake and discussing what questions to ask (and not to ask). The writer makes a terrific impression and motivates the children to write their own stories later. Meanwhile the narrator has made a suggestion to Miss Drake that inspires her next book , My Special Day in Third Street School.

Singing for Mrs. Pettigrew: Stories and Essays from a Writing Life

Offers eleven short stories, accompanied by essays and commentaries that illuminate the craft of storytelling and the influences of people and places on the author’s works.