Blood Red Horse: Book One Of The De Granville Trilogy

A special horse named Hosanna changes the lives of two English brothers and those around them as they fight with King Richard I against Saladin’s armies during the Third Crusades.

Keeper Of The Grail

As an orphan, Tristan never dreamed he would travel the world or discover the truth about his past. But all that changes when the Knights Templar ride through the abbey on their way to battle. Suddenly, Tristan finds himself as a squire to one of the most respected knights. While exciting, it is also dangerous, as Tristan gets caught between rival knights desperate for power and entrusted with the most sacred relicthe Holy Grail. With the help of a young archer and a deadly warrior, can Tristan safely bring the Holy Grail back to England? Or will he succumb to the dangers of the evil men who follow in its wake?

Crusade in Jeans

Fifteen-year-old Dolf uses a prototype time machine and gets stuck in the Middle Ages. Trying to find his way back to the twentieth century, he joins a children’s crusade of almost ten thousand children on their way to the Holy Land. Dolf helps the children defy the terrible mountains, conquer disease and fight evil knights. Slowly, Dolf begins to realize that the real danger does not lurk behind the next mountaintop, but rather within the crusade itself.

Crusades: Kids At The Crossroads

What if kids kept blogs during pivotal moments in world history? The Internet offers modern kids amazing ways to express themselves and learn about the world. Imagine if the same technology had been available to children during dramatic episodes in history. Welcome to the Kids at the Crossroads series. Each book is written as an Internet journal, including illustrated snapshots of the action and “links” to sidebar windows providing facts about and images of the era. This innovative blend of history and high-tech storytelling is sure to capture the attention of web junkies and history buffs alike. Crusades: Kids at the Crossroads logs you on to the blog of 12-year-old Hans, who is destined to march in the 13th-century Children’s Crusade. Restless with his duties in his father’s wheelwright shop, Hans longs to follow his older brother, Otto, who joined a crusade to the Holy Land two years earlier and hasn’t been heard from since. When a mysterious stranger appears in the night and describes new troubles stirring, Hans sees his chance to go after his brother. Soon Hans has joined thousands of young people, led by the charismatic Nicholas, on a march across Europe. But the journey is more perilous than anyone realized. As the dangers rise, morale plummets, and the crusade breaks apart. Hans perseveres to the Holy Land and to a bittersweet reunion with his wounded brother. With its innovative blog style, nail-biting storyline and info-packed sidebars about the actual Children’s Crusade, Crusades: Kids at the Crossroads is historical fiction at its high-tech best.

Blue Flame: Book One of the Perfect Fire Trilogy

Many years have passed since the Occitanian knights killed Richard the Lionheart in a courageous battle to keep the Blue Flame–sparked at the moment of Christ’s death–from falling into the wrong hands. Now it is in danger once again, as enemies from the north draw near. In the midst of this looming battle, lifelong friends Raimon, son of a Cathar weaver, and Yolanda, daughter of a Catholic Count, are falling in love. But a new religious crusade is about to begin, setting boy against girl, family against family, neighbor against neighbor, south against north. Though many seek to possess the Blue Flame, only one person is destined to wield its power to save the people and the sovereignty of the Occitan.

There Will Be Wolves

The daughter of an apothecary and the owner of a secret book of healing arts, Ursula is determined to become a great healer, but her ambition makes her an outsider in the Holy Roman Empire. When she is accused of witchcraft and sentenced to burn at the stake, she is given one chance to save herself: she must march in the People’s Crusade to the holy city of Jerusalem.