Passing By

Yael peeks out from her balcony and sees everything that’s happening in the street below, from the cat in the garden next door to a big red tractor chugging down the road; finally, she sees the best thing–her dad on his way home!

Good Morning China

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF CHINA.  Playing, exercising, resting under a lotus tree: the things happening in an ordinary park on an ordinary morning. Early morning, and a community is coming to life.  Children are playing, an artist is painting, people are exercising and meditating.  Each page in this lovely picure book presents a snap-shot, and a final foldout spread collects them all to give a panorama of daily life in China.  Hu yong Yi’s paintings are saturated with color and rich in life and feeling.

My Day from A To Z

Introduces the letters of the Spanish alphabet through the descriptions of a young elephant’s daily activities at home and at school.

Baseball In April And Other Stories

baseballIn this unique collection of short stories, the small events of daily life reveal big themes—love and friendship, youth and growing up, success and failure. Calling on his own experiences of growing up in California’s Central Valley, poet Gary Soto brings to life the joys and pains of young people everywhere. The smart, tough, vulnerable kids in these stories are Latino, but their dreams and desires belong to all of us.

The Pharaoh’s Court (Life In Ancient Egypt)

“Describes the daily life of the upper classes during the New Kingdom period of ancient Egypt, from about 1550 BCE to about 1070 BCE, including the structure of society, the differing roles of men and women, and what it was like to be a child in that era”–Provided by publisher.

Roman Diary: The Journal of Iliona of Mytilini: Who Was Captured and Sold As a Slave In Rome – Ad 107

Iliona never imagined that her sea voyage from Greece to Egypt would lead her to Rome. But when her ship is boarded by pirates, that’s where she ends up — as a slave. Separated from her brother, Apollo, Iliona is soon at the whim of her owners, and the chance of regaining freedom seems like a distant dream. But unlike her brother’s plight, Iliona’s life as a slave isn’t as bad as she feared: her new family provides clothing, food, and even schooling, and best of all, she is free to explore the wonders of Rome. S