The Musicians of Bremen: A Tale From Germany

A tongue-in-cheek retelling of a favorite folktale follows the adventures of Donkey, Dog, Cat, and Rooster, four worn-out farm animals who seek their fortunes as musicians and find a comfortable robber’s den in the woods.

The Donkey and the Rock

In this version of a tale with many Asian variations, a wise king, who rules a town full of foolish people in the mountains of Tibet, puts a donkey and a rock on trial to settle the dispute between two honest men.

The Turtle and the Two Ducks: Animal Fables Retold from La Fontaine

The fables of La Fontaine are one of the great treasures of French literature. Based on Aesop’s legendary tales, La Fontaine’s stories capture the charm, the humor, and the wisdom of the seventeenth century. This book offers prose adaptations of the fables of La Fontaine’s most beloved poems.

The Bremen Town Musicians

While on their way to Bremen, four aging animals who are no longer of any use to their masters find a new home after outwitting a gang of robbers.