Tara’s Flight

Tara is a dove. Before the flood, she brought messages back and forth between Noah and his family. Now she is confined to the small loft that Noah s grandson has built under the roof of the ark. For forty days and nights, Tara sits patiently in her loft, while outside thunder booms and rain pours down. One day Noah s grandson comes with a basket to take Tara to the deck of the arc. It s time for her to be a messenger bird again. If Tara returns to the arc, it will mean that Noah s house is still under water. If Tara doesn t return, it means she is waiting at home for the return of Noah and his family. Ruth Eitzen s gentle retelling of Noah, with endearing illustrations by Allan Eitzen, is perfect for young children.

Always Come Home to Me

This is a tale of two children and their parents, and the beloved pet doves that help them to understand one another. Twins Mei-Mei and her brother, DiDi  leave for school each morning with their mother’s words ringing in their ears: Fei, fei—fly little birds,”Fei, fei — fly, fly, little birds, but always come home to me!” Mei-Mei and Di-Di are head-over-heels in love with their new doves. Like devoted parents, the siblings tenderly nurture Butterfly and Squeaky as they grow from chicks to fledglings to birds. But when Mei-Mei and Di-Di arrive home to find that the doves have disappeared, their young hearts break into a thousand pieces — and they run away, determined to reclaim their beloved birds.